The Emmys 2016

Last Sunday saw the start of Awards Season with the Emmys 2016. This was the 68th time the Emmy's have aired to celebrate a great year of Television with Netflix taking in 117 nominations. As always with Award Seasons, comes the best and worst dressed. So, here is my pick…

Tommy X Gigi

By far my favourite show, in this weeks collection. Tommy Hilfiger X Gigi Hadid. Gigi Hadid a 21 year old supermodel turned design collaborator was bound to bring a superb following and a crowd to New York's Pier 19 on Sunday the 11th of September. But was nothing like I…

Cruise Packing

Hello Lovelies, I hope ye are all well, I know I have spoken a lot about travel and packing this summer, but who knows when I will get a chance to go away again. (more…)
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